James C. Tanner


James Tanner is a talented multimedia cartoonist. As a visual artist, he loves to weld, sculpt, work in dry and wet media as well as digital painting. He also writes poetry, short stories, and composes music. Inspired by everything from classical antiquity to the macabre, from vaudeville to minimalism, his versatility in style and work focuses on all things existential and cynical yet ultimately human.

Visually, his inspiration primarily derives from the magnificent works of Rembrandt van Rijn, Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, M.C. Escher, Norman Rockwell, Jhonen Vasquez, Jack Kirby, Bill Watterson, Max Cannon and Gary Larson.

Opposed to the title of Fine Artist, he would prefer to be known as a cartoonist. The typical fine artist has to wait for inspiration to come from the cosmos, whereas the cartoonist is inspired by deadlines, current events and the surreal world we live in. For a cartoonist, finding art in everything is essential to the ultimate punchline. James also feels an inner obligation to the characters that live inside his head, where it can get mighty crowded and a blank sheet of paper offers the perfect legroom for everybody.

James is product of a talented family where access to books and culture were highly encouraged. From an early age, James had the privilege of watching and learning technique from his mother, Cindi Tanner, one of the most talented watercolor painters on earth. He is both classically trained and self-taught. Special thanks go out to Scottsdale Community College instructors: Don Gilboe, whose Cartooning Methods class should replace any and ALL Art I courses as the new standard; thanks also go to Rachel Woodburn and Linda Hicks for offering the Digital Storytelling course.

His talents have brought him around the world, performing for thousands in Taipei, Taiwan, to teaching an introductory art class in Vynnytsya, Ukraine and most recently, painting murals in Maricopa County Hospital's Pediatric Burn Unit. His travels and experiences have brought him to the fundamental realization that regardless of station, people are all the same... as long as they haven't murdered their inner child. This knowledge, paired with the increasing globalization of the planet have made it that much easier to come in contact with other kindred spirits. His trade is developing and soon he will be able to utilize all aspects of his arduous training with a project that has been in the works for over ten years. He invites you to join his dark army.

James currently lives in the horrid state of California with his beautiful wife, Patrisha and mad scientist of a son, Jackson.

He can be reached at disturbancecomics@msn.com